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Aug 17, 2013 4:30pm EDT
eastern on booktv on c-span2. >> up next, mexico bureau chief of the dallas morning news talks about how mexico has changed since he began covering the country, his birthplace, in 1994. over the past decade, more than 70,000 people killed in the mexican drug wars which he has covered extensively. this talk was held at the meadows museum in southern methodist university. it's about an hour. [applause] >> very good, thank you very much for that opening, and welcome to all of you. we are looking forward to spending the next hour with you here. i thought i'd start by expanding just a little bit on the introductions of our two distinguished panelists here, and then we'll move the conversation through some areas of specific topic, and then we'll open it up to questions so i think you are given a blue card as you came into the room. as you think of questions, please write them down, pass them to the end, and some folks will come by and bring them here, and we'll reserve the last portion of the meeting for questions. let me startly telling you just a little bit more about alfredo. there's severa
Aug 1, 2013 3:00pm PDT
>> mexico one plate at a time is made possible by these funders: >> bohemia-- 100 years of mexican craftsmanship. bohemia-- mexican imported beer. >> your chipotle shrimp, fruit tarts, stir fry, marinara, enchilada, lobster minestrone weekend roast, french toast maker has arrived. >> fresh, smooth, authentic. hass avocados from mexico. >> i love guacamole. >> guac is great. >> with guacamole i like a little lemon, i like tabasco, a little majorum. >> yeah, i just like my guacamole classic. i keep it basic, not much astray beyond just the usual ingredients. >> i actually went to tijuana to get a little mexican stone piece so we could make our own guacamole. and it has a little pedestal. >> i love the chopped onions, and i love the tomatoes. >> i don't like tomatoes in guacamole. it's too acidic. >> a little heat, little smokiness, it's good. >> it's got to be a perfect ripe avocado. that's everything. >> ripe is key. >> so there's no right answer. there's no one way to make guacamole. and if you think it's just acovado dip, well, stick around. now, the thing about guacamole, at leas
Aug 22, 2013 5:30am PDT
a significant step forward in the peace process. could the made in mexico brand one day be more visible than made in china? a consulting group reduce that by 2025 mexico will be 30% more repetitive than china because workers salaries in china are on the rise, giving mexico the competitive edge. a townthis report from at the border with the united states. tty has practiced her routine for years. at 5:00 a.m. every day she works at a factory. she has multiplied and modernized. >> they treat us much better. the transport, the food, everything has improved. hashe salary, however, remained low. pesos forives 75 work. insurance, health insurance. it is about five euros less per week. >> those salaries in a country of 113 million people provide a constant supply of cheap labor. especially with mexico bordering the largest provider in the united -- in the world, the united states. dhis is evident in ciuda juarez. will mexico be the future factory of the world? this a, west answers this question. answers thisumnist question -- this is economist answers the question. >> mexico will be the factory for
Aug 15, 2013 5:30am PDT
whitey bulger is found guilty. after 16 years on the run. changing times and eating habits. why mexico has overtaken the u.s. on the scale of obesity, and being overweight. and have you ever heard of henrietta lacks question mark she is virtually unknown, despite cancer research. her family has won the recognition. he was the godfather of the boston mafia, ruling the criminal underworld in the city andhe 19 -- in the 1970's 1980's. the 83-year-old whitey bulger was found guilty of murder and racketeering. he is likely now to spend the rest of his life in prison. you know who i am? >> he was on the fbi's 10 most wanted list for 16 years. bulger terrorized the irish catholic neighborhood as leader of the winter hill gang, made famous by his tendency to become violent. onh murder and racketeering his rap sheet, he even strangled a young woman who he feared had become a reliability. a notorious gangster new the trial was a foregone conclusion. gangstertorious knew that the trial was a foregone conclusion. >> mr. bulger knew that he was going to die behind the walls of be injected with a ch
Aug 12, 2013 7:00pm EDT
hybrids. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfon. >>> so today mexico attempting to reverse a 75-year-old mistake. new president enrique pena nieto has proposed changing the country's constitution to allow profit sharing with private oil companies. that means letting private companies come in, even foreign ones, and help mexico tap its vast oil resources. here is john hoffmeister and joe valera. gentlemen, i want people to understand this is a big deal. once they get it through congress, if they get it through congress, that means the state-run oil company won't be the monopoly in mexico. and how crummy an oil company is the state-run oil company in mexico, john? >> it has many strengths, michelle. it has actually been producing three-plus million barrels a day for quite some time. but that's fading because they do not have the technology to go into the deep water or to really develop the opportunity for shale formations. so the technology is missing. but apart from some of the corruption that occurs on shore and in the refining sector and in the criminal loss of product, the basic company is pre
Aug 26, 2013 11:00pm PDT
blanca --- iniciamos la informacin en mexico donde al menos 7 personas han muerto por el descarrilamie nto del tren de carga conocido como "la bestia" pitch - cesar ---el accidente ocurrio ayer en el estado de tabasco, al suroeste de mexico y sigue bajo investigacion.. take 2 box ---jazive perez nos tiene la informacion mas reciente desde tabasco, adelante jazive.. 1:59 pkg cesar ---un nuevo metodo para robar las casas tiene en alerta a las autoridades de fremont. take vo ---se trata de un impostor que se hace pasar por agente del servicio de animales y engaÑa a los residentes indicandoles que una serpiente venenosa se ha escapado en el area, que ataco a una niÑa de la cuadra y que necesitan buscarla en el patio de la casa... --- cuando la victima entra con el impostor al patio, otro sujeto ingresa y roba los articulos de valor de la vivienda... --- con este engaÑo los ladrones robaron el dinero y las joyas de una mujer de 70 aÑos que cayo en la trampa y buscaba la supuesta serpiente en su patio con uno de los criminales... blanca ---la policia de san jose sigue sin capturar a 2 pi
Al Jazeera America
Aug 21, 2013 2:00am EDT
no ties to the school. >>> in mexico teachers have taken to the streets to protest against plans to grade them on their performance. mexico's president said the reforms are necessary so his country can compete with the rest of the world. we have this report. >> this is how teachers try to get their voices heard in mexico. they occupy the main plaza and try to pressure leaders with people power. thousands are now camped out here. their aim, to block the implementation of state run schools in part evaluating teachers. these teachers are hoping that their leaders will hold high-level meetings with congress to convince them to change or derail the education reform. when request for meeting was rejected this is how some teachers reacted. 20 police injured, three of them hospitalized. teachers have been protesting the reform for months. under the new law for the first time an independent commission can hire and fire teachers and grade their performance. that power had until now held by the main teachers' union. but these teachers say the reform has just one goal. >> the government wants to priv
Al Jazeera America
Aug 28, 2013 1:00am EDT
major policy changes? last week one man in new mexico decided to begin issuing couples. >> we dropped everything and ran over here, that's why he only has a tank top on. >> she came out to the kitchen and was like do you want to get married? and i was like funny, funny. >> by virtue of the authority vested in me by the state of new mexico i now pronounce you spouses for life. >> yesterday a state district judge declared same-sex marriage legal in new mexico, that ruling only applied to two additional counties, but today three more counties decided to issue same-sex marriage licenses, and so far hundreds of couples have obtained those licenses. here so discuss this is the man who started it all, the country clerk of the country. thank you very much for doing this for us. what made you decide to take this matter into your own hands? >> well, back in march there was the filing of a lawsuit in albuquerque to force the county clerk down there to issue same-sex marriage licenses. there was another action started in santa fe county, but that was started at the supreme court. the supreme cour
Aug 19, 2013 6:00pm PDT
transgeneros. take vo ---y desde mexico, le mostramos el rostro de los nuevos integrantes de las auto-defensas en el estado de guerrero. blanca --5 sujetos de gilroy y san jose, fueron detenidos en el sur de california durante el fin de semana... take vo ...despues de que supuestamente raptaron a una jovencita a punta de pistola en "compton" e intentaron obligarla a que se prostituyera. ---los sospechosos se encuentran recluidos en una carcel de "riverside" bajo cargos de trafico de humanos, rapto con fines de prostitucion, detencion ilcita, e intento de "proxenetismo ". ---al interrogar a la victima de 18 aÑos, sta tambien informo a la policia que 2 de los detenidos la violaron. blanca ---las largas filas y tiempos de espera son cosa del pasado en el consulado de mexico en san francisco. ---asi lo afirma el consul de esa delegacion al hacer una evaluacion de su gestion, mientras prepara su partida. take 2 box ---pilar niÑo nos cuenta mas detalles y como lo logro. take pkg ;01 ;08 0;17 1;07 ; asi es y de hecho dicen de los 50 consulados de mexico en los estados unidos, ahora este el
Aug 19, 2013 11:00pm PDT
vo ---en mexico, un grupo de mujeres se une a la lucha contra el narcotrafico y muchos temen por su seguridad.. segment ends pitch - blanca ---el cuerpo de un hombre y de su hija son encontrados sin vida en la ciudad de oakland. take map ---el hallazgo ocurri esta madrugada alrededor de las 4:30, en el hogar de la familia ubicado en la cuadra 4 mil 100 de la avenida fruitvale, hacia el este de la ciudad. ---la tragedia ha conmocionado a los vecinos del area. ---angel ayllon nos amplia la informacion.. take pkg 0:01 0:15 0:23 blanca ---tambien en oakland.. la delincuencia continua imparable en sus calles. take vo ---durante un plazo de menos de 24 horas, 12 personas fueron baleadas en incidentes por separado, 3 de ellas murieron, llegando asi, a 65 asesinatos en lo que va del aÑo. ---la ola de violencia comenz justo despues de las 11 del viernes en el ste de la ciudad donde 4 hombres fueron baleados durante una fiesta. ---el incidente mas reciente se reporto ayer domingo por la tarde, cuando un sujeto disparo contra un salon de belleza hiriendo a 4 personas. blanca ---las largas fil
Aug 21, 2013 6:00pm PDT
tiene el dia libre.. pitch - blanca ---comenzamos con noticias desde mexico... take map ...donde esta maÑana un sismo de 6.1 grados azot las costas de guerrero y sus replicas se sintieron con fuerza en el sur de mexico. take vo ---el movimiento telurico tambien afect la capital mexicana donde cientos de edificios del centro y sur de la ciudad fueron evacuados como medida de precaucion. take 2 box ---mayra tostado nos amplia la informacion, adelante mayra. 0:01 0:10 0:27 1:45 intro ---buenas tardes, asi es.. de acuerdo al ultimo reporte de las autoridades capitalinas, no se reportaron daÑos ni heridos por el temblor pero la situacion fue distinta en guerrero.. pkg decenas de turistas abandonaron sus hoteles en acapulco esta maÑana para buscar refugio en las calles tras registrarse un sismo de magnitud 6.1 con epicentro en san marcos, guerrero. una replica de 5.6 grados se registr a unas 8 millas al noreste de la ciudad turistica, causando panico entre la poblacion. "sí, sí lo sentí, ahora sí estabamos trabajando .. tambaleó ahora sí". los movimientos sismicos causaron daÑos d
Aug 23, 2013 11:00pm PDT
acompaÑarnos .. cesar ---iniciamos la informacion en mexico donde esta tarde las autoridades confirmaron la identidad de varios cadaveres encontrados en el estado de mexico.. pitch - blanca ---se trata de los jovenes que hace varias semanas fueron raptados en un bar del sur de la capital mexicana. take 2 box ---jazive perez nos tiene lo mas reciente desde nuestros estudios en la ciudad de mexico... adelante jazive. take pkg las esperanzas que aun tenian se desplomaron con cada palabra del representant e de la procuraduria general de la republica. con voz suave y pausada, el funcionario explico que luego de casi 3 meses de busqueda de los 12 jovenes desaparecidos en el bar heaven, en la zona rosa confirmaron que 5 de ellos fueron inhumados de forma clandestina en el rancho la mesa, en tlalmanalco, estado de mexico. super=renato sales/ subprocurador control regional pgr inq=..en este momento se tiene identificado.hasta..nombres de identificados este jueves, la procuraduria capitalina informo que llegaron a la fosa clandestina en busca de armas pero, ahi encontraron ropa y credenciales de los
Aug 29, 2013 11:00pm PDT
de huentitan dio una entrevista televisiva a una cadena en mexico y afirm que no es inmortal pero asegur que el peligro ya pas ---fernndez jr. coment que la deteccin de la trombosis ocurri en una revisin mdica de rutina, ya que el intrprete se somete a revisiones cada dos o tres meses, desde hace 10 aÑos, para prevenir el cncer de prstata. ---los mdicos le recomendaron "mucho descanso" a vicente fernndez, y no hacer esfuerzos, para que pueda regresar pronto a su rancho. blanca ---tiempo de la primera pausa pero al regresar, take vo ---hay buenas noticias para las parejas gay en todo estados unidos, enterese que importante victoria legal se anotaron.. take vo - cesar ---ademas, se dispara el uso de pastillas para dormir, un experto revela por que esto es un peligro.. take vo - blanca ---en mexico, dos magistrados convirtieron la sala de un tribunal en un ring de boxeo.. enterese por que.. segment ends blanca ---una corte federal de apelaciones concluy que la ley de california que impide que los menores de edad puedan recibir tratamiento para revertir la homosexualid ad, no viola l
Aug 30, 2013 11:00pm PDT
---ambos podrian dirigirse hacia mexico en la camioneta "chevy" 2010 plateada de 4 puertas del sospechoso con numero de placas 77-106-h1. blanca ---otros 2 hogares de belmont fueron robados ayer por sospechosos que se hicieron pasar por personal del departamento de control de animales del condado de san mateo. take vo ---uno de los sospchesoso... es la misma mujer que ha sido vista en otras ciudades de la bahia, engaÑando a residentes con el mismo truco. ---en ambos incidentes de ayer, la sospechosa toca a la puerta y le dice a la victima que hay una infestacion de serpientes y que tiene que revisar el traspatio y que todos en casa tienen que estar con ella. ---mientras esto ocurre, un complice ingresa a los hogares y se lleva dinero y objetos de valor. cesar ---continuan los avances para preparar la nueva porcion del puente de la bahia... pitch - blanca ---con cada hora que pasa, esta mas cerca la historica apertura del nuevo tramo que no solamente dara un nuevo aspecto a la bahia, sino que tambien sera mas seguro. ---pilar niÑo nos amplia.. take pkg cesar ---el cierre del bay bridge h
Aug 3, 2013 5:30pm PDT
of the outbreak. they identified an american-owned salad processing plant in mexico as the source in iowa and nebraska. so far the source of cases in 14 other case remains elusive. here's charles hadlock. >> the fda said packaged salads of lettuce, cabbage and carrots picked in san miguel mexico are the source of sickness in at least two states. the mexico plant is owned by taylor farms of salinas, california and was last inspected by the fda 2 years ago. the contaminated salad mix was served in olive garden in iowa and nebraska. in the first lawsuit related, a texas woman claims she was sickened by psych low spora after eating at an olive garden in texas. both are owned by darden restaurants, the defendant in the suit. the spokesman had no comment on the lawsuit, but said the texas restaurants are served by a different supplier, adding iowa and nebraska health officials said this is not an ongoing outbreak and the product is no longer in the food supply in those states. darden is fully cooperating with the investigation. the last illness in iowa or nebraska was reported july 2nd. they re
Aug 15, 2013 2:30pm PDT
you the answer. that is changing. in mexico, classical dance is booming. a group of dancers are challenging the traditional culture as they learn their steps. here is will grant. >> young dancers are taking their first steps in what may one day lead to a career in the industry. the firsty would be professional ballerinas from this part of the world. these children are from a small town in central mexico. be enjoying aight boom in mexico, the dancers, the men, often have to challenge the social norms in places like here. across town, the dancers of this company are among the young men hoping to make a living out of this unlikely of professions in machos a bit tersely society -- notoriously macho society. >> it was hard to be open about it. it took me two years before i invited anyone to come and see me dance. when my mom came, she was unconvinced. but when the performance was over, she was waiting for me, crying with happiness, saying how did my son get good at this? >> for many dancers, cuba remains the foremost place it to learn ballet. with decades of tradition under the c
Aug 8, 2013 9:30am PDT
of the world. first, let's go to mexico. check out what's in the distance. in this video it's an enormous almost perfectly formed water spout. >> this is in a lagoon near mexico city. this is actually a water spout that formed and lasted in this area for up to ten minutes, some reports say. >> wow. >> some reports do say this water spout did touch land for a few moments and officially turned into a tornado. no one was injured, but some reports do say that some crops were severely damaged and that some roadways were damaged because of the high wind and this did heavy rain. all kinds of videos of this water spout are popping up online. >> several suspensions in mexico. some would go inside and grab a knife and said they could cut the spout with the knife. >> i'm so glad you said that because people did that. people did that when this water spout was over this lagoon near mexico city. >> against waving a metal object into the air of an electrical storm. >> for mexico let's go over to south korea. watch this weather video. >> oh! that's a bolt of lightning right outside this guy's window. he'
Al Jazeera America
Aug 27, 2013 10:00pm EDT
in one area of new mexico. our producer is fielding your considers, please join the conversation on twitter and facebook and google plus. >>> what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? >> they share it. >> social media isn't an afterthought. america. >> al-jazeera social america community online. >> this is your outlet for those conversations >> post, upload and interact. >> every night, share undiscovered stories. >> the stream, tomorrow night, arabia for that. ♪ >>> consider this on an issue as far reaching as same-sex marriage, does the individual have the power to make major policy changes? last week one man in new mexico decided to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. >> we dropped everything and ran over here, that's why he only has a tank top on. >> she came out to the kitchen and was like do you want to get married? and i was like funny, funny. >> by virtue of the authority vested in me by the state of new mexico i now pronounce you spouses for life. >> yesterday a state district judge declared same-sex marriage legal in n
Al Jazeera America
Aug 27, 2013 2:00am EDT
. eastern mexico. >> the obama administration says there is a sense of urgency facing the ongoing crisis in syria. the white house postpone aid meeting with russia scheduled for we understand it wants to weigh its response to a chemical weapons attack by syria. john kerry said there is little doubt the a sad regime is behind the attack. exactly what military options are the u.s. wearing? >> reporter: it was the strongest condemnation yet from the administration. >> what we saw in syria last week should shot the conscience of the world. it defies any code of morale at this. let me be clear, the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children, and innocent by standsers, by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. >> reporter: as horrific em are images of death and suffering continue to stream out of syria. president obama met with top advisors at the white house. and had calls with british prime minister david cameron and french leader to discuss options. now kerry says the syrian regime will pay a price. >> president obama believes that there must being accountabili
Aug 26, 2013 6:00pm PDT
de mexico y sigue bajo investigacion.. take 2 box ---jazive perez nos tiene la informacion mas reciente desde tabasco, adelante jazive.. 0:01 0:12 0:27 1:12 1:24 1:42 1:59 pkg las labores de rescate no se han detenido ni un solo segundo, y es que a mas de 24 horas de el incidente aun queda la esperanza de encontrar nuevas víctimas.... " imagenes trabajadores en lugar con cada movimiento estos hombres tratan de robarle al tiempo unos mision es por demas complicada pues hay quienes aseguran que debajo de los vagones descarrilados de la bestia, hay mas de una persona... super salome garcia -/ayudo a los heridos. inq... a que altura dices que hay mas muertos..acá en estos vagones por que iba mucha gente y acá pues iban menos... salome llego al lugar del desastre desde el momento en que todo ocurrio; apenas pasaba de la 1.30 de la manana, dice, cuando los heridos llegaron a su puerta a pedirle ayuda...desde entonces apoyado por su machete ha buscado ,sin parar vida entre los fierros retorcidos... super salome garcia /ayudo a los heridos inq...aquí encontramos vario
Aug 28, 2013 1:00am PDT
, in new mexico, a state judge just ruled last night that under that state's own constitution, that state's and constitutional protections against discrimination, county clerks in new mexico should no longer be allowed to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples who want them. there's no statewide law either way in new mexico about same-sex marriage, but because of last night's court ruling, this morning in the most populous county in the state, the place where albuquerque is, bernalillo county, they started issuing licenses. though it applied to the one big county, a couple other counties in the state decided they would follow suit as well. the response from the republican party in new mexico has not been positive. "gop lawmakers look to take legal action against gay marriage." republicans are not only against marriage equality in new mexico, now that it is upon them in some way because of the state's constitution and this ruling by the state judge, republicans are trying to sue to stop. see a similar dynamic at work in the great state of illinois. earlier this year the chairman of the
Aug 18, 2013 11:00pm PDT
are getting this wind out of the s winds coming from mexico. and we saw temperatures in the upper 60s and 07s for san francisco and 80s by the bay and 90s south bay and north bay and the hot spot is livermore, we are going to see more hot temperatures for tomorrow and the elevated humidities and notice the high clouds from the bay area, coming from the south, from mexico, that's the summer monsoon and it is all being speared by this circulation here, just off the center coast and it is goi moves some of the showers and thunderstorms in the bay area. we'll talk more about that as well as the heat coming up tomorrow, coming up, john. >>> coming up at kron 4 news news at 11:00, a speeding truck makes it frighten for one homeowner. >> >>> labor day weekend is almost here and law enforcement will be cracking down on drivers who are under the influenced, coming up. [ male announcer ] on vacation, you want more of the things you love. ♪ hello, bacon. get more with breakfast and a two-room suite for rates as low as $115 per night at an embassy suites. book now at >>> an e
Al Jazeera America
Aug 24, 2013 2:00am EDT
an hour and a half from mexico city. authorities ordered forensics to establish identify at this. it's the first major breakthrough in a case that has angered victim's families for months. the inn may, the victims were taken from the club in the middle of the day, despite catching images of the kidnappers on surveillance cameras, investigators had few leads. family members and the public at large have criticized the mayor and authorities for not doing enough to solve the case. the bodies were only uncovered when federal authorities, not investigators from mechanic co city, came to the park looking for a stash of weapons. for years, mexico city has been seen as an o assess of safety while a drug war raged across much of the rest of the country. since the kidnapping one of the club's ownerss was arrested. four other people have been arrested. there are remnants from a candlelig candlelight vigil and despite advances in investigation, there are still many unanswered questions. perhaps primarily why they were even targeted in the first place. prosecutors say the haven't i see were caught
Al Jazeera America
Aug 26, 2013 3:00am EDT
of the rails in mexico, six migrants who were hitching a ride were killed, others injured. that story is still to come. >>> plus stepping back in time, a silent feast for cinema-goers in the philippines. ♪ >>> it is good to have you with us. these are the top stories on al jazeera. western powers weigh options for military action in syria, this after an apparent chemical weapons attack on civilians last week. the french foreign minister says that a decision will be made in the coming days. >> the corruption trial for disgraced chinese politician bo xilai ends with revelations of sexual misconduct between his wife and former aid. bo accused of abuse of power as governor. >>> u.s. firefighters struggle to contain a giant blaze which has reached yosemite national park in california and the fire threatens the san francisco water and power supplies. >>> the afghan president hamid karzai arrives in pakistan, his first trip across the border since the new prime minister won elections in may and we have more now with kamal from islamabad. what is on the agenda? >> reporter: well, on the agenda, are
Al Jazeera America
Aug 27, 2013 8:00am EDT
in mexico triggering landslides claim the lives of 13 people. >> it's a very short trip, but a very steep price. we'll tell you about amateur astronauts ponying up big bucks for a ride in outer space. >> the syrian government is firing back, saying it will defend itself using all available means in case of a strike. british prime minister david cameron recalled parliament from a summer break to discuss syria tomorrow. u.n. inspectors hit yet another road block. their investigation on site being delayed. the syrian government says it's not our fault. david jackson is on the ground in lebanon to get the story straight. the syrian foreign minister said if the west used military action, the syrian government wouldn't stop its own military campaign. does this put the u.s. in position where it now has to act in order to just show strength? >> well, i guess so, morgan, yeah, it's a pretty tough position. it's an interesting point with that what we've heard from the foreign minister is they are defiant, denying the chemical weapons use and saying if the united states or coalition of the willing,
FOX News
Aug 12, 2013 8:00am PDT
agent, set free by mexico despite billions of dollars washington send south of the border to deal with crime. this is becoming a big point of disagreement between our two countries. more on that. >>> the fort hood military trial is now back in session. we'll get a live report from outside the courtroom and share some drastic 911 calls for you. our casey stiegel is on that. >>> a federal judge said new york city deliberately violated of civil rights for 10 of thousands through its stop and frisk policy. a big report on that coming up this hour. gregg: well a new wrinkle in the battle for immigration reform. with word after major loophole in the current law and taxpayers left footing the bill. gregg jarrett in for jon scott. jenna: we are stuck with those things, the taxpayer bill. gregg: always. jenna: welcome to the second of "happening now." i'm jenna lee. folks coming into the united states have a new tactic. they're so successful they're overrunning parts of the mexican border because of this they're claiming political asylum saying they have a credible fear of personal safety
Aug 14, 2013 6:30pm PDT
si usted es ciudadano y no habla ingles, no hay problema, en nuevo mexico todos los ciudadanos pueden ser jurado aunque no hablen ingles >> es un fuerte recordatorio, la corte suprema de nuevo mexico recordo que los ciudadanos tienen derecho a ser jurados, sin que sepan hablar ingles >> esta parte de la constitucion proteje a todas las personas que hablan español >> los abogados dijo que aceptaba el argumento, pero que la defensa debia objetar el juicio >> en nuevo mexico no hay excepcion del servicio, llene los formulario >> tenemos la responsabilidad de hacer los esfuerzos razonables para que no se pierda ese derecho >> la constitucion de 1911 incluye protecciones a los hispanoparlante >> nuevo mexico es un estado bilingue >> expertos no existe realmente ningÚn motivo por el cual se vaya a hacer una enmienda para quitar derechos que una constituciÓn ya confiere. >>> esta prÁctica de nuevo mÉxico, tiene sus crÍticos, algunos advierten que asignar interpretes a jurados cuesta mucho dinero, y abogados dicen que las traducciones no reflejarÁn lo que pasa en un juicio. >>> sÍ, in
Aug 8, 2013 6:30pm PDT
that is winning plenty of raise here in europe. >> and obesity in mexico -- soft drinks are in the firing line there. >> stay with us. >> stay with us. >> welcome back. a story now of harmony coming out of a region of the world more often associated with social and political upheaval in recent times. 60 musicians from arab countries including egypt, syria, tunisia, and algeria, have performed together for an historic concert together in berlin. >> they call themselves the arab youth philharmonic orchestra, and they performed at berlin's famous concert house as part of the young euro classic festival. >> they come from places wracked by conflict, places like syria, egypt, iraq, and libya, but they are united by a love of music. the orchestra was started by an egyptian who wants to encourage young musicians and show them that religion and politics are unimportant when it comes to making music. >> every member of the orchestra has a role to play. that way, they complement each other, and that is good for these young people, especially in their private lives because the intensity with which they p
Aug 28, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. cesar ---miles de maestros en huelga bloquearon hoy el trfico en la ciudad de mexico pitch - blanca ---el grupo march en protesta contra la reforma educativa y se congreg frente a la residencia presidencial de los pinos. ---jazive perez nos amplia. ;01 0:49 1:11 1:17 1:34 1:47 pkg dicen que son mas de 12 mil... y envalentados en eso los maestros se repartieron en grupos para poner un dia mas de cabeza al distro federal.. uno de los contingenetes marcho desde el corazon de uno de los contingenetes marcho desde el corazon de la ciudad a la residencia oficial de los pinos, los demas avanzaron lentamente hacia las instalaciones de diversos medios de comunicacin , cerrando a su paso las estaciones del metro e impidiendo el transito de cualquier tipo de transporte para obligar al gobierno dicen a que los escuche.. super=sondeo / profesores inconformes inq=..que nos den solución a nuestras perticiones..liga r con..dejar atrás la reforma educativa que afecta a todos los padres, maestros y alumnos.." desesperadas cientos de personas corrian de un lado a otro como dentro un hormiguero, trat
Aug 29, 2013 6:00pm PDT
algunos estados del norte de mexico donde operan varios carteles de la droga.. ---la operacion conocida como "low-rider" comenzo en 2011 tras la muerte, en san luis potosi, de jaime zapata, un agente de migracion y aduanas estadounidense y el hallazgo de mas de 350 cuerpos en fosas clandestinas en varios estados del norte.. cesar ---miles de maestros han abandonado sus puestos de trabajo para salir a manifestarse en contra de la reforma educativa en mexico... pitch - blanca ---ante esta situacion, muchos padres de familia no tienen otra alternativa mas que llenar los zapatos de los maestros para continuar la educacion de sus hijos. take 2 box ---jazive perez nos amplia desde la ciudad de mexico.. adelante jazive... take pkg ;01 ; ; ; ; asi es, la desesperacion que causa el ver a sus hijos inactivos ha llevado a los padres de familia a tomar la decisin de convertirse en mentores de sus ni;os y de otros compa;eros. en varios estados de la republica como en oaxaca, sobre la banqueta y las calles fueron sacados los pupitres para que los alumnos de preescolar y primaria puedan reponer alguno
Aug 11, 2013 9:55pm EDT
, nothing. look at a place like mexico. mexico in the next couple of years is going to be our -- we're going to be importing half of the things we get from mexico. all started a number of years ago. we all remember it. iowa, some places in frankly, i watch 60 minutes, also, places in iowa where the whole factory moved to mexico. what? they get tax subsidies for us? they get tax subsidies in brazil. you get an airplane made in brazil you get a subsidy from the united states. way.upposed to be that so there's such a lack of intelligence. know, i'd almost say it's dishonesty, because these countries have the right lobbyists or pure stupidity. probably a combination of both. it is. it's amazing. things i look at so strongly, you look at places like north dakota where they're going wild and you look at what we found -- you know, has really shown that we are rich again. it. we can't get because of the environmentalists which, frankly, i do well with environmentalists, i build all over. awards -- i know you're shocked to hear this. it's sometimes not easy to get the projects going. i do. but we ca
Al Jazeera America
Aug 25, 2013 4:00pm EDT
not a lot. just here, across the very southeast earn parts. but for parts of arizona, new mexico, utah, colorado, we are seeing quite a few of rain actually in the next day and some locations, we could be seeing anywhere between three informs locally as well as one to two inches in some of the other locations. we will bring you more on this a little bit later on the show. del? >> kevin corvo, we thank you very much. the nsa is in the spotlight once again. the national security administration, this time facing new allegations of spying on the u.n. policy, and just prescribe the facts. >>> more revelations from leaker edward snowden about the extent of spying by the nsa. national security agency tapped into the united nations video conference system by decrypting it. that according to documents provided by snowden to the german magazine "der spiegel" saying the nsa decripped more than 450 communications from the u.n.'s headquarters in new york. u.s. army major nadal hasan will face a military jury on monday. they will have to decide whether he lives or whether he dies. he was found guilt
Al Jazeera America
Aug 25, 2013 10:00am EDT
to their own country. fear of persecution from immigrants crossing the border to mexico has increased in the last years. asylum in the nine months. i'm joined by one of the dream nine and could founder of the youth alliance that sponsored the alliance. she moved from mexico when 14, and she's pursuing an immigration degree at university of santa clara. and she's tired of immigration not moving forward. and also joining us, david le polled, of the national lawyers association, and advocate. and dan stien, president of federation of american immigration reform, a group that wants to put an end to illegal immigration and produce legal immigration. why did you leave the u.s. and go to hex mex to stage this protest. and why did you think that you would be persecuted if you returned to mexico? >> well, we left because that's the reality a lot of people go through. documented, you always have the risk of being deported at any time, and you have the risk of being separated from your family, and that's exactly what happened to the other six dreamers that came back with us. they were living in
Al Jazeera America
Aug 27, 2013 4:00am EDT
to a reservoir where san francisco gets its drinking water. >>> extreme flooding in mexico have killed 13 people and there have also been landslides. >>> it is one of florida's most abundant coastal ecosystems but a mysterious contamination is killing hundreds of mammals and birds and plant life and politicians, scientists and citizens have gotten together to try to figure out what is murdering the floridian habitat. >>> tune in for a complete newscast at 7:00 eastern and of course you can always follow us on there's more to financial news than the ups and downs of the dow. for instance, can fracking change what you pay for water each month? have you thought about how climate change can affect your grocery bill? can rare minerals in china affect your cell phone bill? or how a hospital in texas could drive up your healthcare premium? i'll make the connections from the news to your money real. >>> what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? >> they share it. >> social media isn't an afterthought. america. >> al-jazeera social america community online.
Aug 17, 2013 12:00pm EDT
of mexico to bring out the labor, but there's been problems with that flow now and again, and that's why the farmers have reached to other people. seeks came here to pick, chinese, japanese, mong, all the small farmers, and then the black oakees at some point and whites were brought from the south and southwest to come here and pick the crops. some of them moved up the economic ladder, became tractor drivers, truck drivers, business owners, that's happened with the white oakees. happened with latinos, some of them. the black oakees, though, had to leave this place to find economic prosperity, and the original family members who came here, the old folks remain, stayed behind. they never -- they never acquired much. i think theirs is the saddest story of all those group, and they stayed behind here, simply because they loved the rural lifestyle. we went by martha william's house today. it's no longer there, but she was an 86-year-old widow of an arizona sharecropper living with her son in a sagging house. don't feel sorry for me, williams said, this is a shack, but it's my shack, god gave
FOX Business
Aug 13, 2013 7:00pm EDT
after he served in the high court in mexico, which determined there was a technical basis to really sit. a dea agent who was tortured and killed by mexican drug cartels. this particular defendant should have faced a firing squad. he should've been harmed. and the fact that he is going to be let out of jail on a technicality after 28 years of a four-year sentence, he needs to be extradited and killing a law enforcement officer to the rule of law. so i'm sure the attorney general is just as outraged as i am and i'm sure that this did untranslatable mixer that mexico understands. lou: many have died in the war in syria and afghan and afghanistan. and you know, they have absolutely no influence on u.s. policies towards mexico. thank you, congressman trey gowdy. they would drive up prices for consumers. it is certainly not a free market, i will point that out, if i may. the four major carriers already accounting for 80% this is the acquisition that was completed in june after major concession. peace talks between the israelis and palestinians. fox news middle east repprter marine terraces co
Aug 9, 2013 6:00pm PDT
mexico sobre la liberacion de rafael caro quintero... take vo cesar ---el gobierno de el salvador suspende la emision del documento unico de identidad, pero no hay porque alarmarse... le cuento porque... ===roll ticker=== cesar ---un aparatoso accidente se registro esta tarde en un transitado cruce vial al norte de san jose... take vo --vea usted las imagenes tomadas por una de nuestras productoras que paso por el lugar de los hechos justo despues de que se produjera el impactante choque entre dos camionetas en la interseccion de las calles "flickenger y hostetter".... ---el departamento de bomberos trato a varias de las victimas pero las causas de la colision continuan siendo investigadas... topvo cesar ---el conductor de un auto perdio el control del coche y termino estrellandolo contra un hidrante justo en el campus de la universidad de stanford... ---la fuga de agua causo una pequeÑa inundacion en la zona aledaÑa a la calle santa teresa drive.. ---no se reportaron daÑos y la policia del plantel investiga las causas del percance.. cesar] ---mas de mil 400 bomberos continuan
Aug 22, 2013 6:00pm PDT
paro de labores. take vo cesar ---en mexico, encuentran doce cuerpos y las autoridades investigan sin son los jovenes raptados en un bar... ---legisladores estatales han ordenado una auditoria a la universidad de california en berkeley... take vo ...y otras 3 universidades estatales del estado, luego de que supuestament e el personal de los planteles ignor denuncias de agresiones sexuales hacia estudiantes. ---9 estudiantes y ex estudiantes de uc berkeley han presentado una denuncia federal contra la escuela por no cumplir con una norma que da las instrucciones precisas sobre lo que la administracion debe hacer en casos de violaciones. cesar ---respresentantes de la compaÑia facebook y lideres locales de la ciudad de menlo park, take vo visitaron hoy la academia cesar chavez para dar un regalo muy especial y codiciado a cientos de estudiantes latinos... ---la empresa regalo computadoras portatiles apple a todos los alumnos que cursan el octavo grado.. ---un representant e de facebook dijo que el regalo es para que los jovenes se interesen en la ciencia, tecnologia, ingenieria y las m
Aug 8, 2013 5:00pm EDT
are mexico lesson 30% are from mexico nationally. they are less likely to speak english fluently. we see all that in statistics from texas. if you look at these immigrants, they have much higher unemployment rate than low skilled immigrants nationally and lower unemployment rates than nationally and they do quite well. they are stable, especially compared to the rest of the nation. they do very well. in average wages turned up the last couple of years. it is just a testament to the success story of the economic miracle of texas and not just in the recovery, but long-term. we have low skill immigration and they contribute tremendously. does thatilled, become better at attracting high skill industries? more high skilled in the last several it goes back to the 1990's, the texas economy has been crucial, the immigration is high skilled. basically again, texas as a commodities-based economy, we that has labor, but changed now and we have been able to bring them in. iny have been instrumental research and development and health care and education. education, our teachers and professors are high sk
Aug 19, 2013 10:00am EDT
under strain in countries like mexico, brazil, chile, peru, colombia, the middle classes are expanding combined with economic growth shifting demographics. as a fundamental shift, tectonic shift which will change the traditional way in which north and south hemisphere have been doing everything from how do we educate our kids, what do policy look like, how do you sure the political hearties remain you ensure-- how do that political parties remain responsive to citizens? .hat is a common denominator the tea party and occupy the wall street are two extremes. you are seeing it in brazil and you have seen in chile with student demand. you saw it in mexico. how do modern political processes take into account new state holder ship from society? technology is a common thread that we solve this together. >> what is interesting is it is ironic as the middle class expands, you glimpse into a better future that you become discontented and decide to come out and protest as was seen recently in brazil. so much of these big technological changes are leading to skewed prosperity. you are seeing such
Aug 8, 2013 6:00pm PDT
to nogales, mexico, on the other side of the border. they road tripped and agreed to meet at the fence. these kids who had not seen their moms in years got to see their mothers finally through the barrier of the border fence. very emotional, moving demonstration. this is not play acting. this is real. these are real people, real family, real kids and their moms. this was accompanied by a very clear political message. this is what immigration reform looks like. call your legislators. pass immigration reform with family reunification. a similar human moving case made by jose antonio vargas. jose was brought here from the philippines as a kid when he was too young to know the difference. he did not even know he was here illegally until he tried to get a driver's license in high school and found out the hard way. when he found out, he kept the secret. he coped the best he could and he hid that he was undocumented. as he went to college, he pursued a career, eventually by the time he came out on the cover of "the new york times" sunday magazine, as someone who is in this country without pap
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